"Producing Innovative Filter Designs For Over 20 Years"

The Filter Design Company offers a filter manufacturing capability for OEM clients only. Customers looking for quality affordable filters manufactured in the UK, using and controlled by ISO 9001 systems, can rely on our organisation to deliver on time, to the agreed quality standards.

Our flexible manufacturing capability ensures a broad spectrum of filter styles and sizes can easily be manufactured with the minimum set up cost. Our large array of non-destructive and destructive testing capability ensures every filter meets the required efficiency, pressure drop, dust loading or vapour removal requirements before despatch.

HEPA’s, ULPA’s, bacterial / viral removal or vapour adsorption by carbon, and combination filters, all can be manufactured by The Filter Design Company. Large air intake filters for gas turbines to micro filters used in the respiratory or medical markets applications can be assembled and tested whilst ensuring exacting quality standards.

If you have issues with your current filter manufacturer, or simply require filters for a new system, then we are confident an affordable solution will be offered.