Testing & Quality

"Performing Testing Of Your Filters & Excellent Quality Management"

Certified to ISO 9001 from an early stage, in 2007, The Filter Design Company Ltd places Customer Satisfaction as its primary focus. We have grown over the years by building and developing strong relationships with our Customers, and have gained a positive reputation with on time deliveries and quality product.

We still to this day work closely with our very first customers offering product innovation and service.

Depending on your needs we can offer several levels of product traceability, from a batch system to individually identified products.

Our ranges of non-destructive testing equipment (NaCl rigs, PAO rigs, DP transmitters, etc…) enable us to test directly on production lines. If required, we can test 100% of all Filters produced and issue certificates and records to give your customers 100% confidence in your Products.

The precision of our equipment is such that we can test particulate efficiency up to 99.999% at 0.3 micron.

In 2015 the company invested in its own in-house test and validation capability by installing gas detection equipment capable of measuring the break through curves of carbon beds at different concentrations and flow rates.

We’re currently able to test four filter types:

This will enable us to cover the range of most vapour groups.

Customers can now take advantage of being able to measure carbon performance of filters at the development stage without the need to send filters / prototypes to your accredited laboratory.